• About Us

    Lupton Group provides two major roles for our clients.

    We can be your technology team and/or your marketing team.


    Technology Services

    We design, develop, and manage amazing websites and mobile apps. Whether it be a consumer-facing website, a complex backend database, a beautiful ecommerce site or a dynamic mobile app. Our team of dedicated single-stack experts can take on anything. Our typical projects range from $10k up to $250k. Our process is very thorough because it's critical we fully understand the scope of every project and the goals of the client before we start any significant work. We need to create roadmaps and milestones so we can stay laser focused, be cost efficient and meet all client expectations and deadlines.


    Marketing Services

    The Lupton Group also provides an array of marketing and branding solutions. Regardless if we are your technology partner (hopefully we are), we still pride ourselves on getting to understand the long-term goals and objectives of each client then providing them with the services and solutions they need within their timeframe and budget. Our clients range from early-stage bootstrapped startups, to second generation family run businesses to large corporate enterprises. Sometimes our clients know exactly what types of marketing services they need and we will provide them. Other times we need to have lengthy conversations to determine which strategies would have the greatest impact. Some clients need SEO and email marketing, some clients need pay-per-click and influencer marketing, other clients might need content marketing and social media management or perhaps a client needs all of the above.


    We get excited working with all of our clients because our goal is to help you build a bigger, better, more profitable business.